Woven Wire Fences

If you are looking for heritage woven wire fencing – Look no further than Emu Wire Industries

We use only the best quality products available to manufacture our wire and gates.

We only supply you with the very highest quality fencing products.

Emu Wire is available in 3 heights, 950mm, 1100mm & 1250mm

Emu Wire comes in a roll with the minimum order being 5 meters then in 1 meter increments to a maximum of 20 meters per powder coated roll or 25 meters per uncoated roll.

Emu Wire has 16 vertical pickets per meter. – 60mm between our vertical pickets and 150mm between our horizontal pickets.

We can deliver locally or interstate.

Emu Wire is made from 4mm One Steel LifeMax wire. This is a superior coating to the old galvanised coating.

LifeMax Is a protective coating specifically designed to enhance the working life of steel wire products. The coating comprises an Aluminum and zinc coating.

The LifeMax process forms two different layers that provide both passive and galvanic protection to the steel wire in one coating.

The LifeMax inner layer forms an aluminium rich iron-aluminium zinc intermetallic that acts as a passive barrier.

The LifeMax outer layer of zinc and aluminium alloy is finer and more homogeneous than plain zinc.

This outer layer provides galvanic protection offering sacrificial protection to the steel wire.

In addition to its superior corrosive properties the thin LifeMax alloy is more ductile and adherent than the hard, brittle alloy of zinc galvanised coating.

This means that it is less likely to crack under deformation and allow corrosive elements to attack the steel wire.

LifeMax wires are therefore better suited for wires that are woven, deformed or twisted into shape.

Emu Wire has 16 vertical pickets per meter.
Measurements : 60mm between vertical pickets
150mm between horizontal pickets.

Woven Wire Information
  • 4mm galvanised wire picket
  • Powdercoated or galvanised
  • Available heights 1250mm,1100mm,950mm.


we have a large range of colours to choose from – check the Dulux Duralloy colour chart www.duluxpowders.com.au